Busy Days

I’m sorry that I don’t have a picture or two to accompany this post (I’m a picture gal).   I just haven’t had much time to take many (other than the ones that I took of my husband speaking to a group).

I mentioned a few months ago that my husband is running for a local political office.   When he first decided to do this, we knew that life would get busy as election day was approaching.   Now for me, someone who likes to have a plan ahead of time, and some sort of essence of a schedule (considering that I keep track of the schedules of everyone else in the house—we only have one car, so we do need some organization in that department), this has been a stretch, taking me out of my comfort zone, having to be willing to give up some evenings to join Kevin when he goes to speaking engagements or neighbourhood association meetings that he’s been invited to.   This has definitely pushed the kids and I into learning to be more flexible.

I’m also trying to maintain some sort of normalcy for the kids while the hectic schedule tries to dominate our lives.

-Normal meals (as opposed to fast food type meals .  I’m thankful for my The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook and having an extra refrigerator and freezer for make-ahead meals)

-Social gatherings like church, and product parties (about 3 weeks ago, I took Heather with me to the first Pampered Chef party that I’ve been to in about 4 years! I forgot how much fun those were………and the food is always so tasty!).

-Keeping up with regular holidays (campaigning for an office can take up a lot of time and really, the kids don’t want to hear that their mother forgot to make them Easter Baskets because she was so absorbed in the campaign meetings…………..that just wouldn’t fly at this house).

-Date nights (can’t forget those!  Even if it’s just having 30 minutes of having a cup of coffee on your front porch (though I strongly recommend a coffeehouse).

In just over a month from now, we’ll find out if his/our (because a campaign affects EVERYONE in the family) efforts paid off.

However, for today, since it is my day to have the car, I’m driving various family members to doctor’s appointments, and running a couple of errands myself, and because Spring Break is over, we’re having school as well.

This is the kind of schedule that keeps life from getting boring 🙂




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