Happy Leap Day!

Since my last post, the following took place………

-My computer decided to not work.  So, the kids and I are now sharing a computer with my husband Kevin.  So far, we’ve all adjusted to the sharing with no major issues.  The downside is that it won’t allow me to download pictures from my new camera.  So, if I want pictures for blogging, I’ll need to find another way.

-Something that I don’t think that I’ve mentioned is that my husband is running for Mayor of our town.   So our schedule has stretched to include invitations to political groups and neighbourhood association groups.  It also opens him up for all sorts of slander from those who obviously aren’t planning to vote for him.   That last part doesn’t bother us as much because from what we’ve seen, these folks obviously don’t know him.   All I have to say is, if you aren’t voting for him, be civil and just say, “I’m not voting for him”.  There is no need to be vulgar.

-Kevin had a birthday earlier this week.  I gave him a remote-control helicopter.  Unfortunately,  the battery inside won’t recharge, so we need to take it back (something I really don’t like to do.  I’m not a “return” person).   It’s a really cool toy though!  It’ll be even better once he gets it in the air!

-Last, but not least, we had a dusting of snow.  Not enough to close most of the schools (except maybe the ones in rural areas), but we saw large flakes this morning. Many kids and adults were looking outside, hoping that the snow/rain shower would turn into a blizzard that would keep them home.  This was not that kind of snow (sorry folks!).  Very rarely do we have enough snow to keep one housebound and unable to get to work (not like the snow we had back in 1969, which had my dad practically living at his job, and my mother housebound with a new baby…….another story for another time perhaps).

It’s time for me to wake up and move on in the day, and get as much done around the house and with the kids’ schooling (and yes, sometimes we school in our pajamas…..but not all day), before heading off to the Library.

Enjoy your Leap Day!





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