Sick Days

We finally caught it, my husband and I.

The bug that’s been going around.

Kevin caught it first.  He was miserable.

I made him some Cream of Wheat.

When I was growing up, my mom only made it if I was sick (I didn’t realize until much later that most people ate it for breakfast)

I bought him Ginger Ale.

We avoided kissing each other so that I wouldn’t get “the bug”.

We’ve avoided kissing the kids so that they wouldn’t catch it and my daughter could go to her youth conference, and my son wouldn’t catch “the disease”.

However, for as hard as I tried to avoid it, I caught it anyway.

Fortunately, my kids are old enough to prepare their own meals.

Fortunately, my husband has no problem baking or ordering pizza for two…….three nights in a row.

Unfortunately, if I want some Cream of Wheat, I’ll need to make it myself.


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