A Little Love Note From My Girl…..

(Originally posted on my old blog, August 27, 2011)

I love Frontierville on Facebook!  I used to play Farmville until it stopped giving me choices to expand my farm.  So now, I have Frontierville, Cityville, and Pioneer Trail.  I only have been playing one of those because really, it would take all of my day just to keep up with these virtual places and the missions that go with them.  However, they are the cleanest farms/gardens/cities that one could ever tend to.

Not long ago, I was on Frontierville, and I had several missions going in which in order to get them done, I needed to work on my “neighbors'” towns.   So, being the list maker that I am, I wrote down all of the things I needed to do.

Then, I left my computer so that my kids to have their time on it.  My daughter sees my list and wrote……….

Yes, that’s me, I’m a “Zynga Nerd”!

I need to find a more productive hobby….



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