Two Sisters


(Originally posted on my old blog, June 8, 2010)

Today, we had a rare treat.  The kids and I met up with my grandma (the lady on the right) and her sister (the lady on the left), her daughter, their niece and her daughter.  My grandma, Theda, is originally from Texas and her sister, Bessie, still lives there.    These days, they don’t get to see each other very much.   My grandma is in her early 90’s and doesn’t travel as much anymore.  Aunt Bessie is a little younger ( and a few inches taller) and she isn’t traveling as much either.  She flew out to  the state that her daughter lives in, and then her daughter drove her up here to visit.

You know, there are many folks who believe in population control and that having just 2 kids is more than enough (however, if those two kids are of the same gender, then it’s ok to have more until you get the opposite), or if you have reached your 40’s, you should stop.   Now if my great-grandparents had followed that logic, these two sweet and fun ladies wouldn’t be here (and neither would I for that matter).  You see, they are the fifth and seventh out of seven children.   Their parents started off with two children, a son and a daughter, and it was that way for about 10 years.  Then suddenly, they started having children again and within a few years added five more.   I think that there is 21 years between the oldest and the youngest.  Aunt Bessie was 5 when she became an aunt for the first time.    Over the years, all of the children married and had children of their own.  .  The cousins age range from the first to the last grandchild is about 40 years.    Anyway, these days, my grandma and her sister are the two surviving siblings, and they are very special to us.   Bessie starts her journey home tomorrow and I bet they’ll be talking on the phone on Sunday (or Saturday)

(I would type more,  but my computer is being slow and my husband is in bed nearly asleep and it’s getting late..and I “need” to check my Facebook…haha)


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