Sunday Morning Donuts!

(Originally posted on my old blog, May 30, 2010)

This morning, I decided to make donuts for the family (usually I buy muffins for the kids Sunday breakfast, but money it tight this week and I had the ingredients and I had been wanting to make these).   This recipe is found on The Pioneer Woman’s website.

I had to start last night as the dough needed to sit for a few hours.  So I mixed the dough last night, at around 10, while my husband was watching “House” (this episode was a bit intense for me, so I was glad to be in the kitchen).

This morning, I woke up at around 6:30 (without the alarm, which has become the norm since I had the kids), and started rolling out the dough and then searching for something to cut out donuts with (which I don’t have so that means a shopping trip next payday).   I finally used a drinking glass and the opening of a water bottle lid (improvising!).    Then I laid the flat donuts on a wax covered cookie sheet and covered them.  Because the dough had been in the refridgerator all night and I needed it to be warm and rising, I set the cookie sheet on the griddle and set it to “warm”.  I put the donut holes on a plate, covered, and set it on the coffee pot which was at the time, making the coffee.

By 7:30, the kids were up and Heather was waiting patiently for the donuts to rise.  Kylin came in and wanted to know if they were ready, and why they weren’t ready.  Then he went into his room and sat on his bed.   I checked on him later and he was just staring out of his window.  Then he said, “You should have gotten up earlier”.   Yeah, yeah, yeah………sure.

Finally about an hour later, the donuts were ready to fry, and I had told him that once this time had come it would go very quickly.   There was a bit of questioning as to why I didn’t make any chocolate frosting, but he will forgive me this time because, it’s my first time making these.   Of course once they were finished and glazed, he devoured two of them!  So hopefully he thinks now that they were worth the wait.

My husband liked them enough to compliment them on his Facebook page.  So I think that I am more than welcome to make them again!  It may be awhile though because they are so good, that I could easily use up all of my daily Weight Watcher’s points eating them!

Very tasty!!



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