Summer………..So Far……..

 (Originally posted on my old blog, July 22, 2010)

So now that the “protesting season” is over, there have been several other things keeping our summer busy.

So one of the first things that I did, and I was in the mood to do until my muscles needed to recover, was to pull weeds in the flowerbed.  Then I found some perennials (and a few annuals) and a bag of bark, and made a 3 foot section look pretty.  There are many more weeds to pull, and flowers to plant, and I’ll take care of them, a section at a time.

Then, there was a trip to see my grandma and celebrate her 92nd birthday, in the area where I grew up.  Before I left, I went to the site where my grandparents used to have a dairy. and took some pictures.  There used to be another building on this site in front of the white building where the machinery and the cooler were located.    One of the most prominent memories from when I was little was being told to wear shoes (red top/ black rubber boots….year round) and being told to watch out for wet areas or puddles as it could be caustic soda, which was acidic and could burn the skin.  My dad came home a few times with some nasty burns from that stuff.  Yikes!  To describe it would just not please the imagination of the reader!

Then, there is the summer ritual for kids everywhere……camp!  Our church is having camp this month and my girl has been looking forward to this since June.  Thanks to us being busy with the road renaming business, there were many opportunities for her to watch her brother, so she earned most of her money that way, and a donation from her grandparents helped too.  We did all of the summer camp shopping (Do we have enough t-shirts & shorts?  Does she need a new swimsuit? etc).  I bought snacks for her to take with her to give out as “bribes” to the cabin inspectors there.    When the day came for her to leave for camp, I think that I received one hug good bye and she was on the bus, anxious to leave (however, this is our first year of her being at camp with her own phone, and I’ve been getting a lot of text messages from her all week).

So with her being gone all week, we only had one child at home.  What does a younger brother at home do with his time, without his sister at home to play with, or tick him off?

Well there’s time in the garage with model trains………..

Videogame time………

(and a little “Phineas & Ferb” to fill in the rest of the time)

Swinging and burning some energy at the park…

I think that the park made him the happiest.  He was able to run all over.  Then about a half hour after I took this picture, someone was smoking pot nearby and the smell was rather strong.  So we thought that it was time to go before the boy started to say something out loud like “People shouldn’t be smoking!”.

So we then went to the store and restocked our Oreo and chip supply (no, the smell from the park didn’t give us the “Munchies”, we just all have a sweet tooth and like salty food) and took the boy home.

More on our summer, as it progresses……………stay tuned


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