Christmas Break is Almost Over………

 (Originally posted on my old blog, December 29, 2010)

And I guess I should get caught up before the new year starts.

So, a recap of the past month……….

I celebrated my 42nd birthday.  The day was relaxing.  I was served breakfast in bed by my husband and he did a great job with the gifts (including a pedicure, a 60 minute massage, and a Josh Groban CD)!

My daughter was in a play for our church’s dessert theater.  She didn’t have a speaking part, but she gave a very good performance looking sad and forlorn.  She called it her “Chad Dylan Cooper” look (anyone who watches “Sonny With a Chance” will know who that is).

Then along comes Christmas.  The drum above was an ornament that I found to give to my husband (He really liked it!).  Every year, I give my husband and kids each and ornament (which is something that my grandmother  did for her family for as long as I can remember).

On Christmas Eve, we let the kids open on present.  Usually, it’s a game or a movie or both.  This year, we brought home a Wii!  We had talked about it for the past few years (since we bought a Game Cube).  They sort of guessed what it was, and were thrilled when they opened the present.  We let Heather set it up all on her own, and before we knew it, both kids were playing games together (not something that happens often).

And finally, the last event of the year.  My friend had taken her daughters to get the cartilage of their ears pierced a couple of weeks ago.  Heather had wanted to get hers done after that.  So a few days after Christmas, she and I drove to the mall and had a  Mother/Daughter cartilage piercing.  She’s pretty pleased with it.  I think it’s fun to have.  I don’t intend to get a lot of piercings.  This one is enough.  It didn’t hurt that much which was good.  I was a little nervous, about the same kind of nervousness that one has when going to get blood drawn.  But it was quick and not that bad.  Heather was happy that she got this one, but that she also wasn’t going to do it again.   The ears are a tad sore and only really noticeable when we accidentally bump them while pulling our hair back behind our ears, or rolling over on them when we’re sleeping.

Start the new year with a new hole in your ear!

Happy New Year,


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