Fall Weather is Soup Weather

(originally posted on my old blog on October 7, 2009)

All through September, we had Summertime weather. The kind of weather that maybe has a crisp chilly nip in the morning and is 90 degrees by dinnertime. Picnic weather.

We’re now in the first week of October and the weather has drastically changed to being very cold if, not close to freezing at night (and despite this, my husband is still too warm, wearing shorts, and still has the AC on in our room at night). When the temperature drops, I start thinking about soups. For the past week, I’ve made some soups and a large batch of spaghetti sauce for the freezer, and this year, some of the ingredients came from our garden.

I also found an article in the latest issue of Better Homes & Gardens (publisher of my favorite cookbook), on how to organize your freezer better. So I’m working toward a goal of having an organized freezer and utilizing as much space and still have easy access to everything in there (without having something fall out, landing on my foot), using the ideas in that article. Hopefully in my next blog (or the one after that), I’ll have a picture to post of the newly organized freezer. So this week, I’m working on round two of cooking for the freezer. Today’s feature: Split Pea Soup (one of my husband’s favorites). Ep


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