A Few Funny Quirks and Other Things

(Originally posted on my old blog on March 8, 2009)

Our 10 year old son, Kylin, doesn’t always hear things in the way or manner that they were spoken. He also tends to use words or phrases that don’t always mean what he thinks they do.

A couple of examples:
A few months ago, something came on the TV that the kids didn’t need to see, so I told them to “avert your eyes”. Kylin repeated it as “INVERT” your eyes. Kind of hard to do! He has it straight now though. Several times if there is something that he shouldn’t see or doesn’t want to see, he’ll say “avert your eyes!”.

Another example happened yesterday. I gave him the job of cleaning the toilet and it quickly became apparent that he needed some more guidance in that job. So my husband was showing him how to clean it and when I walked by the bathroom, Kylin said, “We’re organizing the toilet!”. Lately, we’ve been doing some decluttering and reorganizing and cleaning, so he assumed that “organizing” was synonymous with “cleaning”. I guess he’s partially right. But the joke for the rest of the day was “how do you organize a toilet?”

Since this weekend was the time to change the clocks ahead, Kylin also reminded us that it was time to check the smoke alarms. The boy thrives on a schedule and remembers when things are supposed to happen, like checking the alarms. So Kevin checked them and the boy is happy and won’t remind us again until November. I wish that he was as much of a stickler about the need to do his schoolwork.

Heather has been known to say and do some funny things, but she’s at the age where she’d be mortified if I blogged about them. I’m sure that I’ve done things unintentionally to embarrass her, so I really try not to do it on purpose!

However, the most recent thing that I did with Heather was to take her to see Kutless in concert. Concerts I had been to in the past were for Don Francisco, B.J. Thomas, Charley Pride (I was really little then), and Weird Al Yankovic. Fairly mellow, great acoustics, not too loud. The Kutless concert was held in a church that was built with the intention of having concerts, but this group and the opening acts were rather loud (and there was a lot of screaming…something else I wasn’t used to). It was so loud that I felt the audience was absorbing the volume. I had to laugh at one of the groups though. Long hair shaking all over the place and screaming rap (I wasn’t expecting that and neither was Heather). I was sitting in the back, where parents sit. My first concert as a parent. I felt a little old (but I’m not old, I’m only 40, and that isn’t old!). We’re going to see the Newsboys in a couple of weeks. I like them, and I’m hoping for better acoustics and hoping that the opening acts won’t scream at me….too much.



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