General Update (because I really don’t have a title for this one)

(Originally posted on November 12, 2008)

The rainy weather seems to be in full swing these days. I don’t mind too much. I like to hear the rain when I first start to wake up in the morning. I wouldn’t mind having my cup of coffee in my cozy bed on those mornings. However, the sound of kids in the living room indicate that I really can’t do that for several more years Rainy days also bring more regular hot cocoa days for the kids.

Two weeks ago we also went on our annual drive through Cheshire, Veneta, Crow and Lorane (very rural areas near where we live). We’ve been taking this drive every year at this time since we started dating (so about 14 years now I guess), and every year, we are just so fascinated with the pretty colors of the fall leaves, and at the end of each drive, we comment on how we should have brought the camera. So this year, we brought it, and took about 64 pictures (one of which is the picture at the upper left of this post). Some of them I actually tried to take while the car was in motion (I had read the blog of someone else who was traveling by motorcycle and had taken pictures while still in motion, so I thought I’d try it as well, just in the safer car). A couple of years ago, Kevin bought me a really nice camera for my birthday and it takes fabulous pictures. I just love it! Anyway, some of my pictures in motion (or “drive-by-shootings”) don’t look half bad (note the picture at the upper right). Maybe just a hint of a blur in one area but not too bad. We took the kids on this trip too. They’ve been going with us ever since they arrived, and when they were little, all we had to do was buy a basket of French fries and a soda for them and they thought it was a great trip. Not so anymore. Hopefully one day when they’re our age, they’ll actually have fond memories of it………maybe………I hope so. They are both very artistic and only one is currently interested in drawing pictures of scenery.

It seems that a cold that has been going around has made a visit to our house as well. Just as my husband is starting to feel better after a week of having a cold, my daughter has the beginnings of one. Hopefully it won’t last long. Thanksgiving is coming up and I’d really hope that our extended family will be giving thanks that we didn’t give the cold to them.

So that’s just about all there is to report. It’s evening, the kids are in bed, and it seems like a good time for a cup of tea.



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